I received an email that has bunch of people's email addresses in it, and I want to contact one of them but have not had that person's email address before. If I send an email to him, can I say

Sorry I hijacked your contact from the email.

or it would sound weird? It's a friendly email (not business) but I just want to convey that I know I have not had your email before but this is how I got it and am transparent about it.

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No, that doesn't work.

Like "steal", "hijack" can certainly be used in a light-hearted way, but it has the implication of taking control of something and taking it in a different direction. So you could hijack a conversation, a party, a trip. But it doesn't fit for taking somebody's contact details.


That sounds a little too strong for the given situation. I'd recommend changing the verb hijack to something a bit less severe, like found, took, or grabbed:

I hope you don't mind that I grabbed your email address from that other email.

I found your contact info on another email; I hope that's okay.

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