Is this sentence from Cambridge dictionary correct?

He was there and saw what happened, so his is the only authentic account.

(from https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/authentic)

I am wondering why it says ‘his’ and not ‘he’,


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The sentence is absolutely fine. The pronoun his in there is a possessive pronoun and it refers to the account that belongs to the guy they're talking about. It's basically short for his account. So, they actually could just as easily have said the following and there would have been no semantic difference whatsoever:

He was there and saw what happened, so his account is the only authentic account.

Compare your example with this:

Your car is red while mine is the only green car here.

Think of mine as short for my car because that's what the possessive pronoun mine, as is evident from the context of the sentence, is really referring to.

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