The first obstacle to developing tourism in Iran

This is the title of a newspaper article I have written. The phrase developing tourism appears ambiguous. I meant by this "pushing tourism to a more advanced level/spread tourism activities and industry". Would you suggest me how to do so?

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    promote tourism further? – Maulik V Feb 9 '14 at 15:27
  • Many two-word phrases in a newspaper article are a bit ambigious, simply because many words have more than one meaning, and most headlines don't provide a lot of context. I don't have any problem with developing tourism, although I really wonder what you mean by "first" – I think that's where your ambiguity problem may really be. – J.R. Feb 9 '14 at 18:38
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    I think ambiguity of this sort can be your friend. Someone will read the headline and then ask, "I wonder which one they meant. I guess I'll have to read it." – Jim Feb 9 '14 at 19:58
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    @Jim - Good point. There's much that can go into a good headline: in addition to curiosity-piquing ambiguity, there can also be alliteration, puns, and vague cultural references. I just picked up today's newspaper, and they had a fashion piece discussing the longevity of the pleated skirt. The headline? The Pleat Goes On. – J.R. Feb 9 '14 at 22:02
  • Thank you all pals, so I think I gonna leave it there. @J.R. by "first" I meant the first obstacle that should be addressed and removed – Juya Feb 9 '14 at 22:24

Promoting tourism - though I don't think "developing" sounds bad.

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