I am currently writing a cover letter and I wanted to say "As my (work and education) background tells, I am tech savvy."

However, I feel like the phrase "As my background tells" is a bit awkward and need an advice as to how to amend this phrase.


I would write:

As my background states, I am tech savvy.

referring to the previous statements about your background.

If you really want to use tell, then you could write:

As my background tells you, I am tech savvy.

but that would be too direct for a cover letter or resume, as it has a more "I told you so" implication.

  • I would suggest that backgrounds do not state or tell things, even when referring back. It's an awkward construction that you could avoid by saying something like: As you may tell/infer/conclude from my background...... – Ronald Sole Jul 14 '18 at 23:24
  • @RonaldSole agreed. Your resume / CV can state a lot of things about your skill set, because that's an actual document. – Andrew Jul 14 '18 at 23:53

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