I am reading H. G. Wells‘s "The wonderful visit" and struggle to understand the expression "Primitive" minister, which appears without much context, unless it is to be given later. The passage reads:

And Sandy Bright went to talk the matter over with Mr. Jekyll, the “Primitive” minister, and the ploughman told old Hugh and afterwards the vicar of Siddermorton.

I suspect it is some pun on "prime minister", but I don’t see it. It is the first mention of Mr. Jekyll and nothing has been said of his primitive nature or occupation.

The full ebook is available here, free of charge.


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The "Primitive" minister is the pastor of a non-conformist congregation which rejects religious practices and doctrines which were not embraced by the conjectural "Primitive Church", as evidenced in Biblical accounts.

That is, a Protestant congregation outside the "established" or state-sponsored Church of England. The vicar of Siddermorton would be the pastor of a CofE congregation.

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