1. It looks cancelled
  2. It looks to be cancelled
  3. It looks like cancelled
  4. It seems cancelled
  5. It seems to be cancelled

I'm not sure which one is correct or how I can build sentences like that.


Generally speaking, after "look" we use adjectives and participles (e.g. He looks healthy, He looks bored, It looks interesting). It means "It looks cancelled" is fine.

We can also use "like" after "look", but in this case we use a noun or a clause after "look" (e.g. It looks like heaven, It looks like something is wrong). So, don't use "cancelled" after "it looks like" because "cancelled" is a participle (but It looks like it is cancelled is grammatically correct).

"It looks to be" is incorrect but "it seems to be" is OK. It seems cancelled is correct too.

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