The next question is if X is a regulation based on subjective condition or a regulation based on objective condition.

I wrote the sentence like the above in my research paper.

A basic structure of the sentence is 'the question is if A is B or C'

I'm concerned if my sentence is too 'simple'.

I want to make my sentence more elegant

Is there any way to express it (the question is if A is B or C') in other ways?


Elegance for the sake of elegance is generally deprecated in academic style, and simplicity is regarded as a virtue.

However, the sentence can be made easier to parse:

  • if may lead a reader to expect a conditional construction, and then have to adjust her interpretation when she discovers it has a different sense. Replace if with whether.

  • if/whether X is a regulation ... may lead her to expect that the question is whether X is or is not a regulation; and (again) have to adjust her interpretation. There appears in fact to be no question that X is a regulation, so move regulation, and eliminate its repetition:

    The question is whether regulation X is based on a subjective or an objective condition.

Much simpler, and much easier to read.


I don't think your sentence is "too simple," but I do think it's a little awkward and can be improved.

You could cut most of the introductory words and be more direct:

Furthermore, is X a regulation based on subjective conditions, or on objective conditions?

I think the culprit here is your first is:

The next question is...


  • One way to improve your writing is to restructure sentences that are built around the word "is".

  • You can improve your writing by restructuring sentences that are built around the word "is".

See what I did there?


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