In the movie The Longest Yard, there is a scene where players enter a football field, and a sports anchor says on TV:

We are here deep in the heart of toothless country, coming to you from a simple Texas high school stadium that's been retrofitted for the big event.

I found a clip here. What does toothless country mean here? Why would country be toothless?


It's a stereotype of country people. They're characterized as unsophisticated, often missing teeth. It's supposed to be a joke. The speaker is saying that they are in the middle of area of unsophisticated, rural people. For one example, think of Cletus, from the Simpsons.

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Toothless a figurative sense, is used to refer to:

lacking in force or sharpness; dull; ineffectual:

  • a toothless argument.


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    While this is true, it doesn't seem to fit the context in the OP's usage. – J.R. Jul 23 '18 at 11:39

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