It is from this video. It is at around 6 minute and 58 second. Here is the context:

But if you are somebody that knows that you are overweight and need to lose body fat, start with nutrition, stick with nutrition, get it locked in and then start looking for other things from there.

I looked up what the phrasal verb lock in means, but still struggle to get what exactly the coach means.


To have something locked in it means that it's definite and fixed, so that you have no worries it will go away.

The phrase most commonly appears in things like negotiations or contracts, where you might lock in certain conditions as part of the deal. For example a manufacturer might lock in a vendor of one of their key components, to ensure a steady supply.

Apparently it has since expanded to other subjects, but it means the same thing. The writer recommends you definitely, without fail, stick to a particular nutrition plan, and then add on other things.

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To be "locked in" there means to be well-established as a regular routine or regimen. Develop a nutritious diet and "stick to it", that is, do not deviate from it or lapse into the earlier bad eating habits.

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