Although the goal-keeper was responsible for the defeat in the important football match, nobody blamed him.

According to me it should be "yet nobody blamed him."

But the answer is no improvement. Is it wrong?

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There's no need for yet there—its sense is already expressed with although.

  • Sure, it would be superfluous but would that amount to a mistake? In Russian, e.g., either would be OK. Commented Jul 26, 2018 at 18:22
  • 9
    @MvLog Yes, it would be considered a mistake in English.
    – stangdon
    Commented Jul 26, 2018 at 18:28

If you want to include the word "yet" I suggest this:

The goal-keeper was responsible for the defeat in the important football match, yet nobody blamed him.

Your first sentence was good, without using "yet".

However, both sentences seem contradictory to me, because you do appear to blame the goal-keeper!

  • It is possible to be responsible for something yet not to blame. He didn't catch the ball and it smashed the window (responsible) although he was was tied to a chair at the time. (but has a really good excuse so not to blame). Ok this is a really bad example but is the best i could come up with just before bedtime.
    – WendyG
    Commented Jul 26, 2018 at 21:46
  • The confusion of "blame" and "responsibility" is one of the pervasive ills of our society. "Blame" is a wholly destructive addictive behaviour which gives its "fix" by letting the blamer avoid taking any responsibility. </rant>
    – Colin Fine
    Commented Jul 26, 2018 at 22:20
  • That contradiction is the point of the sentence. The author is of the opinion that the goalkeeper was responsible, (s)he then makes the observation that nobody blamed him. More context is needed, but I'd expect some sort of explanation later in the passage - it was a new or replacement goalie, there had been personal issues affecting him or he had just recovered from injury etc.
    – mcalex
    Commented Jul 27, 2018 at 8:46

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