Harry:Ooh, speaking of keeping busy----
I have an early start tomorrow,and the baby-sitter has to get home.
[He starts to put on his jacket.]
Where did the time go? It's midnight.
Thank you,Susan. I had a nice evening.

Susan:Me, too, Harry.

I found an answer about the difference between "go home" and "get home" here.
I want to know if I can replace the get here with go, is it still logical?
Say I'm at a person's home and I'm going to go back to my own house, should I say I have to go home or I have to get home

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In colloquial English, both are frequently used. Grammatically, go home might be better, but get home might be heard more frequently.

Perhaps there's a minor difference in point of view -- has to get home implies the sitter has a personal need to be home, e.g. a pet to feed, while has to go home might point to an external reason; e.g. the sitter's parent has set a time to be back. And perhaps I'm reading too much into different ways to say the same thing.

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