During an email exchange, I read this sentence:

I’m told it's in hand and under control.

I searched on the net and I found that it is used to say something like "Someone told me" or "I told myself", but I thought it isn't a correct grammatical form, is it?

Is it introduced as an idiomatic form in spoken language?



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"I'm told..." in this example is somewhat idiomatic, yes.

It does literally mean that someone else has informed you of what follows in your statement, and could easily be read as "I have been told that...."; but it can also carry the implication that you are not responsible for the information if it is not correct. As such it is sometimes used as a sort of disclaimer.

On other occasions people say the similar "I am reliably informed...." which carries the same meaning that you have been told the information that follows, but goes someway to showing your confidence in the source.


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