The history of UI in Canada stretches back to the country’s early struggles in establishing a federally regulated unemployment program.

I am not sure if 'in' is the correct preposition here, although I prefer it. I googled "struggles in" and there is about half a million hits, "struggles at" returns only 700,000. I looked at The Guardian which does not have any entry with "struggles in establishing/forming/creating" or anything similar. Using at/over/of just is not clicking with me. I have looked at the other posts in this site but they are regarding the choice of preposition with the verb struggle. Can anyone enlighten me please?


adverbial phrases:

In is fine here. If you are going to google, forget struggles. Try: in [forming, establishing, creating]. That adverbial phrasing is fine.

I am having difficulties in trying to explain this. :) They have issues in writing good legal briefs.

It's noun + in [gerund]


'In' is correct. You could also avoid the preposition and write: struggles to establish.

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    +1 I originally posted my own answer that said the same thing—before I realized you'd beaten me to it. – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Jul 28 '18 at 1:14

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