Which one is correct? Why?

  1. This story and also this kind of stories are usually about money & marriage.

  2. This story and also this kind of stories is usually about money & marriage.


The answer is that neither is correct.

If you use this kind you need to retain the singular of story in the same way that you would speak of this kind of house.

Alternatively, you can say these kinds of stories.

This construction takes the plural because the subject is plural. It is both this story and these kinds of stories:

This story and also these kinds of stories are usually about money & marriage

A similar example, that makes things clearer, would be:

The mayor and the group of councillors supporting him are wrong.

You will find helpful examples and explanations of Subject-Verb Agreement at a number of sites such as:

https://www.grammarbook.com/grammar/subjectVerbAgree.asp https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/writingcenter/grammar/subjectverbagreement

  • +1 but personal vote to always keep it singular. 'These kinds of plurals' always lead[s] ;) the reader down strange pathways. 'This kind of singular' is always easier to follow. Jul 29 '18 at 15:16
  • Far better would be this story and those of its kind are usually about money and marriage. The version you gave is correct but very awkward. The use of also needs to be pointed out as another problem. Jul 29 '18 at 17:53

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