Imagine my closest friend received a present I had sent to him by the post, he then thanked me by email and now I am writing an answer to him.

Shall I write

Glad you liked it


Glad you like it

I think the first one is better.But if I write liked, it is past tense, so for me it means that now my friend does not like the present.

Is the use of the past only justified because the receiving belongs now to the past?

  • Notice that "like" is the second option. It's not clear which one you prefer. And you have too much verbs in your last sentence, I think that "does" is not necessary, you have to move "is" to the beginning of the sentence.
    – RubioRic
    Jul 30, 2018 at 9:36

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Either is fine and should be well-received.

Technically, one could argue that:

  • "glad you liked it" references your friend's pleasure upon receiving the present; and
  • "glad you like it" references his continuing pleasure with the present.

However, if there hasn't been a long delay between his message and your reply, the delight he expressed can be considered to still be in the present.

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