I'm developing a software, and I have to indicate in a selection menu the equivalent of "less than or equal" for a date field.

Since we already have "Before" value, who doesn't take in account the selected date, what value can we use?

I was thinking about "Before or On", but my colleague doesn't agree.


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    Why doesn't your colleague agree? Personally, I think, as already commented on, that it should be on or before but I'm curious to hear if there is an objection on grounds other than word order. Aug 3, 2018 at 16:16

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As ColleenV implies in a comment above, the most common phrase is "on or before [date]". [Google Ngram Viewer]

Alternatively, if you are expressing a deadline (due date) or similar, it may be better to use "by [date]"; "on or before [date]" is still correct in such contexts, but "by [date]" is much more common. [Google Ngram Viewer]

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