Let's say there are multiple test centers to choose from, but one is different from the rest because it has freebies to offer only to registered clients. Assuming a friend has just given you that tip, and he says:

"You can get free review materials when you register to/for/from their test center."

Which is the correct preposition?

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In your example, it's probably register 'with'.

You register for an activity

I want to register for the 10k race next weekend.

You register with an organization.

Since I'm 18, I have to register with the draft board.

You might register with the organization at a particular location.

I'm going to register with the voting commission. I think I can do that either at their main county office or at the town hall.

In your example:

You can get free review materials when you register with their test center.

Can I do that online?

No, you have to do it at the test center itself.

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