I am going to say something in English but I don't know what are the best words or grammatical method for expression of it?

This is the concept :

"Soul is the point at the center of art circle" or "Soul is the central point of art circle"

Do you have any idea for replacing of some of words in that sentence by better synonyms!

I need your technical offers.

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    Central to all art is the soul. At the center of all art you will find the soul. The center of all art is rooted in the soul. Or, depending on how narrowly or liberally you define art: The soul is found at the center of any art of consequence.
    – Jim
    Commented Feb 16, 2014 at 17:44

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To make it sound a little poetic, I would like to offer a few alternatives, in addition to J.R.'s answer:

Soul is to art as center is to a circle.

Soul is where the center of the circle of art lies.


Soul is at the center of the circle of art.

Your word choices seem fine; I don't see a need to replace any particular word with a better-suited synonym.

However, I think there are better ways to express the notion of being at the center of a circle. I've made two fundamental changes to your original; these are:

  1. I don't think we need to include the word point; the center of a circle is by definition a single point. I assume you are trying to express this in a poetic, philosophical way, and I think that can be accomplished more effectively by removing the word point.

  2. Also, there is nothing grammatically wrong with art circle, although I think you'll find that, in English, expression the circle of X is used more frequently in this metaphorical context than the X circle (as is the sphere of X, as opposed to the X sphere). For example, expressions such as sphere of influence and circle of friends are quite common. Therefore, I think circle of art flows a little better than art circle.

My rewording is also a bit alliterative: the words soul, center, and circle are now all close together. That was just coincidental, but I think it works in the expression's favor.

  • thanks a lot , indeed i am trying to express that in a poetic, philosophical way , this is main reason i started this topic Commented Feb 16, 2014 at 12:27
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    I also think that, especially within "the art circle", "the art circle" means the collection of people who deal in art- i.e., artists, dealers, critics, and collectors. It can often be qualified by region or subject matter: the NY art circle, or the post-modernist art circle. If your intention is to talk about the people when you say "art circle" then your use is appropriate. But if not, I'd recommend using a different phrase to avoid the ambiguity as J.R. has done.
    – Jim
    Commented Feb 16, 2014 at 17:32

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