I want to say "I can provide more details on the subject for you" Which sounds better:

  1. I can fill in more details for you
  2. I can fill you in with more details on the subject


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We generally use fill in to mean supplying written answers to questions on a form.

Frequently, there are set spaces for such information as names, dates of birth and identity documents. In order to complete the form a person fills these in with the required information. These days this is frequently done online. The software is configured in such a way that the form cannot be submitted until all the required information has been supplied.

To fill someone in means to inform them - generally to give someone information about an event, often (but not necessarily) in a conversation. For example, you might fill someone in about the protocol for a coming wedding or other ceremony or about the itinerary for a company meeting.

Which phrase you would prefer would depend on the context. Fill you in is an informal expression. You would probably not use it in a formal situation. Prefer give/offer you details.


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