I have a question regarding usage of the. My question is if I use the and if I don't use the in the sentences what difference it create.

Here are my examples:

1- These are (the) people who help poor people when they are in need.

In the above sentence, I think if I use the it mean These are the only people who help poor people or it could also mean the people have been described in the context before. And if I don't use the it means they are some of the people who help the poor.

Am i right? 

2- The following are (the) components of a computer C.P.U.

I think in this case If I use the it means the components have been described before or these are the only components that a C.P.U contains. And if i don't use the it could mean there are many components in a computers but these are some of them. Am i right?

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