The report noted that “Personal causes of unemployment have received, heretofore, a disproportionate amount of attention” (citation) and called for policy measures reflecting an industrial approach to the problem of unemployment.

I understand what that means in general, but what did they mean by "reflecting"? Alternate meaning of reflect, which is actually conveyed here, is "think deeply or carefully about". But I don't understand how it fits this context.

What are other words/phrases that I can use instead in my version below?

The commission reported that individual deficiency, contrary to what many believed, was only a part of the problem and advised for policies that took/reflected/considered a more economic and industrial approach to unemployment.

  • Reflecting means, in this case, showing. – Alejandro Aug 15 '18 at 3:16

The definition of reflecting that you're looking for is


If something reflects an attitude or situation, it shows that the attitude or situation exists or it shows what it is like.

This conference with all of you here reflects the unity of our nation. [VERB noun]

Concern at the economic situation was reflected in the government's budget. [VERB noun]

Synonyms: show, reveal, express, display

So, in your example, the report called for a more industrial, and less personal, approach to the problem of unemployment. The policies should reflect that that shift in focus.

  • Right. So it would be correct to rephrase it and say: "... called for policies that take an industrial approach to unemployment" ? If indeed the policies reflect that shift in focus, then for sure the policies are designed to take an industrial approach. Would you agree? – AIQ Aug 16 '18 at 0:21
  • Well, it wouldn't be wrong. The original phrasing doesn't really add anything to that. – Mattias Aug 16 '18 at 6:29

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