she’s broken wide open, raw.

Could you please tell me what's the meaning of "broken wide open"?

The full text is:

She glances at Riley, whom she recognized the night before as a war correspondent for the New York Times. She’s got the look. Not the look of the hardened journalist who has necessarily grown a thick, protective skin. She’s at the other end of the scale—she’s broken wide open, raw. She wonders if Riley will ever be put back together again. She can recognize PTSD when she sees it; she’s seen it before.

An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lopena


The metaphorical "protective shell" or "protective skin" is cracked open exposing what's inside. There's a Humpty Dumpty allusion lurking under there. In cartoons, Humpty's portrayed as an egg.

wide open means "gaping" or completely open.

It's snowing, and you left the front door wide open!

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