What does to be "woo'ed away into" means ? Especially in this sentence :

would he be woo'ed away into the society?

The context is to come to a pilgrimage without really knowing if the organisation is a tendentious and proselyte one.

I don't grab it because first by looking for synonyms I guess that "to be woo" means to be charmed, attracted ... Then I guessed that wooed away would be quite the reverse ?


The apostrophe is surplus to requirements, & may possibly hinder your search.

Verb Woo. Past tense wooed.

Think of 'to be wooed' away as 'to be enticed' away [by promise of some 'reward' for doing so].

The OLD has past tense examples right at the top

Seek the favour, support, or custom of.
‘pop stars are being wooed by film companies eager to sign them up’

Try to gain the love of (someone), especially with a view to marriage.
‘he wooed her with quotes from Shakespeare’


In business contexts, you will see the verb woo away used figuratively to refer to situations where a company is trying to get an employee to leave their current employer and join them

Acme Widgets is trying to woo the CTO of Spacely Sprockets away.

Acme Widgets is trying to woo away the CTO of Spacely Sprockets.

Acme Widgets wants to hire the Spacely Sprockets CTO, and has made blandishments to attract the CTO.

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