‘Where’s the bloke who kept on about being here illegally?’

The Doctor stood up and moved forward. ‘Yes?’ he said curtly.

‘What do you want?’

He could just make out Thermus raising his eyebrows. ‘There now, is that any way to talk to someone who’s come to let you out?’

Wouldn’t have said it was, Thermus,’ said Flaccus, standing beside him, holding the dungeon key. ‘I’d have said that was more the way of an ungrateful wretch who doesn’t appreciate all we’ve been doing for him.’

The Stone Rose It wouldn't? I wouldn't? Flaccus hadn't say anything.

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'Wouldn't have said it was' is a reply to the question that Thermus asked.

It means 'I would not consider the manner in which the Doctor has just spoken to Thermus to be appropriate.'

Wouldn't is a contracted form of would not, and the 'it' in question is the manner in which the Doctor spoke.

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