What do we call it when something is so obvious (about someone) that there is no point in stating it? Is there a phrase or an idiom?

For example:

It is very obvious that he is a drug addict.

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An example of an idiom for "obvious" would be "as clear as day":

It's as clear as day that's he's a drug addict.

You can even use words like "clearly" at the beginning of the sentence to emphasise the phrase you're talking about:

Clearly, he's a drug addict.

It captures the same meaning as "It's very obvious that...", which is what you're looking for, it also adds a layer of emotion to the sentence as well.


In addition to Qwerp-Derp's answer, I found stand/stick out a mile which means:

to be very obvious or easy to see

I want to talk about something very obvious and recognizable about someone, so I can say:

His drug addiction sticks out a mile.


She sticks out a mile with her red hair.


One word is evident:


: clear to the vision or understanding

She spoke with evident anguish about the death of her son.
The problems have been evident for quite some time.

In your case:

It is evident that he is a drug addict.

Or a variation:

He is evidently a drug addict.

A longer expression is it goes without saying:


used to mean that something is obvious:
Of course, it goes without saying that you'll be paid for the extra hours you work.

In your case:

It goes without saying that he is a drug addict.


One idiom is “right in front of your nose.”

In your example, though, I think this phrase would be more likely to be used to emphasize the point rather than to state it outright. In other words, this wording seems rather clumsy, and I would avoid it:

It’s right in front of your nose that he’s a drug addict. → not recommended

However, the idiom can still be used effectively, if we add a bit of detail. For example:

It’s obvious that he’s a drug addict. The signs are right in front of your nose.

TFD defines the idiom as:

in front of (one's) nose
Immediately obvious or clearly apparent.
The solution was right in front of my nose, but I just couldn't grasp it.

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