Please determine which sentence is correct and explain why:-

To give your body the chance to recover, it is also best to alternate exercise days with rest days.


To give your body a chance to recover, it is also the best to alternate exercise days with rest days.

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A chance is usually one of several possible outcomes. Your body might recover but it is also possible it won't.

For example,

You have a chance to win the lottery, but you have (unfortunately) a much larger chance of not winning.

The chance not being a specific one, use a.

To use the you have to refer to a specific chance. For example:

The only chance you have of (doing something) is ...

And you can also use chances to refer to those multiple possibilites:

Chances are that you won't win the lottery.


“A chance” is more appropriate. I’d only use a definite article when saying something like “the main chance” or “the only chance,” neither of which is intended or appropriate in your specific example.

  • @Costa And omit the in front of best. The expression is: It's best to do..... as opposed to using the best ahead of a noun as in this is the best option/solution or whatever.. Aug 26, 2018 at 23:13

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