I am not sure whether this sentence is correct or not ?

Thank you for helping me to fix the computer for a few day.

Can you tell me how to correctly use a few day in this sentence. I would like to express someone spend more time to fix the stuff.

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    Do you mean (1) the fix only lasted a few days (and then it broke down again), or (2) it took a few days to fix the computer completely, or (3) the friend was able to find a few days to work with you on your computer (and did all he/she could during those few days, but didn’t necessarily fix everything)? – Lawrence Aug 27 '18 at 9:50

Thank you for helping me to fix my computer in just a few days.

('for' would mean it was fixed temporarily)

However, you possibly want to make an accent on the time it took that person to help you:

Thank you for all the days of your help in fixing my computer.

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