I am looking at the Merriam Webster definition of "film"

In its point 3. it says "b (1) : a thin flexible transparent sheet (as of plastic) used especially as a wrapping"

How common is this usage? I am a bit reluctant to use this word, and instead prefer using "wrapping"

EDIT: I am using the word to meaning packing small objects such as candies on a series of packages of several materials (can be plastic, or paper, etc)

  • If you mean using film as a verb, no.
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"Film" normally refers only to the specific type of wrapping known (at least in the US) by the most common brand name, "Saran Wrap".

enter image description here

Otherwise things like candies are said to be individually wrapped in plastic (or paper).

Store-bought products that are covered in a thin plastic film are said to be shrink-wrapped.

enter image description here

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    In the UK the common name for 'Saran Wrap' style products is 'Cling film'.
    – Sarriesfan
    Commented Aug 28, 2018 at 6:19

It really depends on the context.

I think this usage of the word film is both familiar and understandable, although it's generally seen in more of a technical context than heard in everyday conversation.

For example, I don't think I would ever say either of these to a friend, family member, or co-worker:

  • Please cover that macaroni with some film and put it in the refrigerator.
  • I need some plastic film to put over this avocado.

However, I would not be surprised to read sentences like these in a scientific journal, or in some company's promotional or training materials:

  • All monitor screens are covered with a protective film before being moved to the warehouse.
  • A thin sheet of plastic film is placed across the opening, which is then heated to create a vacuum fit.

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