Here is the context:

Trevor: We've had a villa there for quite a few years. It has come in very handy during the summer holidays. I really look forward to going. I love the way the Spanish make a fuss of my kids. They all come over as such warm friendly people.

Stephen: Yes, it's true. The only problem for me is that I can't cope with the heat. Last time I went to Spain, it was so hot that I fainted. It took me quite a bit of time to come round. My wife was anxious. She said a bomb could have gone off, and I wouldn't have come to.

Trevor: Really?......

I just don't understand the sentence in bold text.


to come to, to come round

To regain consciousness after fainting.

to go off

To explode

So his wife said that a bomb could have exploded and he wouldn't have regained consciousness (despite the loud bang). Clearly his wife exaggerated the extent of his fainting spell :)

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