Can you please tell me if this sentence is correct?

I lay on the bed and let myself relax a little. It was my first day as a fugitive and so far, I haven’t done anything that might be considered a screw up.

It's the "haven't" part that I think might be wrong.

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    Your problem is that the first sentence and the second sentence's introductory clause are past tense, then "so far" slips into present tense. – Theresa Sep 2 '18 at 2:05
  • It "is" still the first day (if I understand correctly), and you need a comma after fugitive. Also, you could change lay to lie, like a present tense narrative. Lastly, referring to the edit of the last word...your original word (that began with an F) seemed way better to me, more natural and authentic for your character, like someone who would use that word casually and almost exclusively to mean mistake, not necessarily a big one. – KannE Sep 2 '18 at 3:14

The ‘haven’t needs to changed to ‘hadn’t’. Then your sentence works. You are then, in the future from the moment being described - looking back on it.

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