sound track I'm practicing this listening stuff. It seems to be "in a fact" or "in the fact" at the beginning of the sentence. I'm not sure. I searched both. They're all not so common.

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    He clearly says in effect. Sep 7, 2018 at 5:14
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    @MichaelRybkin, Yes. I have wanted to accept the answer. But there is a code that I can't accept an answer immediately. So I forgot this.
    – Zhang
    Sep 7, 2018 at 5:36

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I heard this:

So, in effect, ...

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    When I saw the answer just after you postted it, I wanted to accept it. But I can't .. some rule that I can't accept an answer immediately. But, after that, I forgot to accept it until someone added a comment that remind me.
    – Zhang
    Sep 7, 2018 at 5:34

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