What is the difference between "born this way" and "born to be"?

And I also want to say:

We were born these ways, we are physically weak.

Is it correct?


Born this way - you were "this way" the moment you were born.

Born to be X - you were not X when you were born, but are destined to be X as you grow up. To be X often means "planning to do X" or "destined to do X".

we were born these ways, we are physically weak

Keeping it simple, you can either be born in these ways or born this way, but not born these ways.


You may find that as you grow up, you are a genius. Some people might say: "He was born that way." And I hope you don't say (because it's sort of narcissistic) "I was born this way." is you are, in fact, a genius.

Now, born this way refers to whatever feature of your personality you care to name or that others care to name about you. Positive or negative.

If you are born with a cleft palate, and have the operation to fix it, that's great. But in any case, you were born that way. [with the cleft palate]

In contrast, born to be a criminal, an outstanding member of society or just wild, like the song "Born to Be Wild" means that whatever comes after the to is your destiny. It is what you were destined to be.

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