Should I use "Has won" or "won" in the following context?

Here's the text:

John: Subha, did you know our school team has won/won today's soccer match?
Me: No! I didn't know that.

With the reference of today, should I use "simple past" or "present perfect" tense?


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— [...] did you know our school team has won today's soccer match. (= recent news)
— [...] did you know our school team won today's soccer match. (= earlier in the morning, for example)

The choice hinges profoundly upon how recent is the action.

  • The choice may hinge "profoundly" upon how recent the action is, but that doesn't mean Present Perfect doesn't work in contexts like Did you know our school team has won several matches against your team? Although I will admit that we haven't beaten you for several years now. The primary issue is simply relevance to time of speaking, which can be for many reasons besides recency. Sep 7, 2018 at 17:55

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