Which sentence is correct?

  1. Your mother doesn’t have a car.
  2. Your mother do not have a car.

And why do we use "have" with both these sentences? Why don't we use "has"?

  • Please show us some research for this. What is the third person negative of any verb in English? Thank you. – Lambie Sep 9 '18 at 14:31

Your first sentence is correct. This is the general structure:

"I, You, We, They" + have / do

"He, She, It, a proper noun like John etc" + has / does

"Your mother" refers to "she", so you should use "doesn't".

Your mother doesn’t have a car.

About your second question, "doesn't" is an auxiliary verb and we use the base form of the verb after do / does / did (have is the base form of "to have")

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