"I am sure what is going to happen next"

I have 2 questions for this sentence.

  1. Was I supposed to say I am sure about what... with about or without it?

  2. If we omit the "I am sure" part, the sentence will become a question. And it is confusing me, I don't know if I am saying the sentence right. Every time I use this type of structure, it reminds me of the rule putting to-be verb at the end in this type of sentences "Do you know who he is?". And I don't know what to do with *is" in the sentence above... Am I saying it right?

  3. I said "I have 2 questions for this sentence"... is it for or about that I was supposed say?

Thanks for the answers. I really appreciate your help.


It is a valid sentence, but it is clunky.

I would say: "I know what is going to happen next". That sentence is a cliffhanger, so anyone listening would likely want you to expand on what happens next.

3: about

  • "I know whats gonna happen next" is actually what I would say in spoken speech, but its the exact same sentence. – Jamie Clinton Sep 12 '18 at 22:46

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