Recently I came across following sentence on a form at a client's intranet:

Enter the domain name(s) of the external party(s) you want to share with.

Except for the fact that the sentence doesn't sound 100% correct in my head when I read it, the part that disturbed me most was party(s).

In the case of name(s) it's correct as the plural of name is names. But the plural of party is parties and not partys.

My question is: how can you combine the singular and plural of the word party in one 'word'. Or is there another short form to do this?


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Better versions of this include:

Enter the domain name of any external party you want to share with.
Enter the domain names of all external parties you want to share with.

Either version completely avoids having to come up with an awkward construction that tries to join singular and plural words. Which one you use would be a matter of personal preference.

  • This one not only solves the problem, it also sounds right, thanks! :)
    – Abbas
    Sep 11, 2018 at 6:32

I would suggest rewriting the sentence as "Enter the domain name/names of the external party/parties you want to share with."


Since all domain names entered both singular and plural are included in the term it would only be the plural venacular of external parties that would be used. So; Enter the domain name(s) of external parties you wish to include.

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