What does 'taxpayer funded' mean?

Huckfelt says it is important for people to experience the parks. After all, he said, “We own these parks…they’re taxpayer funded.”

Article 'Supporting National Parks Through the Arts' from VOA Learning English.

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The phrase taxpayer-funded means funded by taxpayers (people who pay taxes). It's simple as that. I think the fact that it was not properly hyphenated is what threw you off. More generally, the compound adjective something-funded means funded by a specified entity. Here are a few examples:

state-funded means funded by the state

government-funded means funded by the government

US-funded means funded by the US


The pattern there is noun + past participle of a VERB.

The paraphrase is VERBed by NOUN(s) [sometimes pluralized].

The class elections were student-run. [run by students]

The medicine was FDA-approved. [approved by the FDA]

The dog was flea-bitten [bitten by fleas]

The handle of the tool was rubber-coated. [coated by rubber]

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