Is there any difference between sleep and doze off?
I have always used dozed off to imply that I slept unintentionally or lightly like for example

The lecture was so boring that I dozed off in the class.
I missed my stop as I dozed off in the bus.

Is this how we use "doze off"? Can someone please clarify?


When you say it with the past perfect:

I missed my stop as I had dozed off on the bus.

as means "because". had dozen off = had fallen asleep. You were already fully asleep when the bus arrived at your stop.

Without the past perfect, using simple past:

I missed my stop as I dozed off on the bus.

as means "while". dozed off = fell asleep. You were falling asleep just when you should have been preparing to get off the bus.


"Doze off" means you fall asleep without meaning to, or without actively trying to do.

Both your examples are correct usage of the term.

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