I am reading the book about the Simpsons, and I am not sure what is the author trying to say in this sentence.

'Far more than in any previous year, Season 8 is littered with scenes and plots that involve the kind of hyperkinetic cartoon violence and physics defying action that is more usually associated with Warner Brothers and Hanna-Barbera.'

PS: can I replace the word 'hyperkinetic' by the word 'exaggerated'?


Physics defying action (as Tetsujin says, this is more properly written physics-defying) is action which defies physics: that is, it does not obey the laws of real-world physics.

Exaggerated captures a part of what is meant by hyperkinetic, but is not a good paraphrase. "Exaggerated violence" might be extreme in its effect, or motive, or means; "hyperkinetic violence" means violence expressed in extreme motion: perhaps unrealistic speed or suddenness, or change of direction.

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