What's the difference between below questions? Are they the same?

  1. Did you see the movie?
  2. Have you seen the movie?
  3. Had you seen the movie?

I have used question 1 and 2 in situations when I have to enquire if the subject has performed the action.

For example:
Have you completed your homework?
Have you done the laundry?
Did you send the mail?
Did you finish writing your essay?

Am I correct to use 1 and 2 this way? Is there any difference between the two.

I am not sure when to I use question 3?
Can somebody give examples of questions using had.


The differences between these questions are differences of context. People would tend to use them in different circumstances. For example:

Did you see the movie on Channel 2 last night?

This generally refers back to a completed action/event.

Have you seen the movie that is showing at the Odeon?

This generally refers to a continuing action/event - or to a past action whose effects/implications continue into the present.

Had you seen the movie, you would have been most impressed by the actors.

This is another way of saying: If you had seen the movie, .........

Your examples are all idiomatic.

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