As per my knowledge of English, we append 's' to a verb when we are talking about facts and the subject is he/she/it and . for example, "He plays tennis every day". But today I was reading a newspaper and I came across a sentence

Salman Khan announces 'Loveratri' title changed to 'Loveyatri'.

Why 's' is appended in the above sentence? and should not it be like

Salman Khan announced 'Loveratri' title changed to 'Loveyatri'.


Only Present tenses of a verb (Present Indefinite Tense in your first sentence; also Present Perfect 'has changed' and Present Perfect Continuous 'has been changing') used with a singular 3rd-person subject (Salman Khan here) take -s/-es endings. You have Past Indefinite in the second sentence, so there's no such an ending.

As for the tense used for 'talking about a fact'. Different tense versions are possible (including Present Perfect, 'has announced', if it's about a singular recent event). The Present simple one used here can mean e. g. that the process of announcement still takes place here and there.

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