Is it correct to write this:

People at 60 or over are recommended not to work in stressful environment.

By ‘60 or over’ I mean those who are 60 years old and 60+.

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You recommend things and you advise people.

So, in addition to dropping the at, I suggest a couple of different phrasings:

People 60 and over are advised to not work in a stressful environment.
It is recommended that people 60 and over not work in stressful environments.

(You can use the plural environments or put an indefinite article in front of the singular environment.)


The idiomatic way to write it is just

People 60 or over...

No need for "at". This is because we normally express age by saying "She is 60", not "She is at 60". It is also somewhat more common to say "60 or older" rather than "60 or over".

Some examples:

Retired people 65 or older should especially beware using the short form...

In Europe, the percentage of people 60 or over is expected to increase...

Here's a quick rundown of tax-deduction breaks for people 65 or over...


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