I was doing my homework for CAE when I found this:

Not ....... well-to-do parents give the support they should, and some parents living in the most

The possible answers are:

a) each

b) all

c) any

d) every

I marked b), but according to the answer sheet the correct one is a). Please, could anyone make me understand the reason?


As @StoneyB points out, the answer sheet is incorrect.
If you remove "well-to-do" the correct answer will become easily apparent.

Not each parents (ungrammatical)
Not all parents (grammatical)
Not any parents (ungrammatical)
Not every parents (ungrammatical)

All parents would mean each and every one of the parents, so not all parents means that there must be some who do not do as all the other parents. So some parents (the not all) do things differently than the rest.

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    You should explain why, along the lines of "not all parents" = "some parents". – user3169 Sep 23 '18 at 0:27

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