The scene outside the court was quite a spectacle, but inside, Cosby was given some relatively good news. While his conviction on three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault had the potential to carry a 30-year sentence — with a maximum of 10 years each — Judge Steven O’Neill said that Cosby will be sentenced for just one count.

As I understand, 'felony' and "aggravated indecent assault" are in apposition. Basically, they describe the same thing('felony', that is, "aggravated indecent assault"). But I'm not quite sure about it because usually we might add commas for appositives.

Have I gotten it wrongly?

The full source.


They don't describe the exact same thing, that is the assault, and they don;t necessarily need to be collocated.

aggravated indecent assault

describes the crime, and


describes the seriousness of the crime. As opposed to a misdemeanor.

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