Is “far from perfect” grammatical?

Here’s my analysis:

  1. It’s ungrammatical because the object of preposition from must be a noun, not an adjective(perfect).
  2. It’s grammatical because perfect can be a noun.
  3. It’s grammatical because perfect is the shortened version of the noun phrase “perfect state” or “being perfect”.
  4. It’s grammatical because “far from” is an adverbial phrase.

I think no. 4 is most likely correct. If it’s the case, what does it modify: the verb “is” or the adjective “perfect”?

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You are correct. "Far from" can be an adverbial phrase, modifying the adjective "perfect." We can rewrite "it is far from perfect" using a very common adverb: "not."

It is not perfect.

to mean essentially the same thing.

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