1. It is important to remember that Janine (think) very differently from you. She may not agree to the changes you have made in the organization of the company.

the answer is thinks why not think isn't it a case of mandative subjunctive so the s should be taken off


  • No, not at all. It's nothing more than just a simple statement of fact. Compare your sentence with this sentence: It is important to know that the earth is round. Sep 29, 2018 at 5:52

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"It is important that" is a value statement, which can be immediately followed by a subjunctive clause to avoid making an assertion about the truth of that clause:

It is important that he remember. (But I don't know whether he will.)

On the other hand, "Remember that" introduces the next clause as true, requiring normal conjugation:

He remembers that Janine thinks differently. (And I know she does.)

Putting it together yields:

It is important that he remember that Janine thinks differently. (I know that Janine thinks differently, but I don't know whether he will remember.)

(Note: I used "important that" to show the difference between the two types of clauses. In the original sentence we have "important to" but the second clause is still the same, with "Janine thinks.")

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