What is more natural use in English when you speak about the school where you study economy? I heard some people say School of economics and in the other hand Economic School. What is correct? Is there any difference

Never used that in English, only in my language, so sorry if this is a stupid question but I need the answer.

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We say school of economics. The most famous one in the world being: The London School of Economics, or LSE for short.

economic school is an error.

  • school of law (also law school), school of economics, school of design, etc. But very often capitals are used to refer to an actual school: Rhode Island School of Design

In discussing educational institutions, school of economics is the right term. Sometimes, you can use a noun as an adjective: law school. It depends on the discipline and the word. It can get rather complicated. A school of philosophy is the same as a philosophical school, but in this case does not refer to a physical place. However, a cooking school would be a physical place.

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