I found conflicting information about the subject: BBC World Service states that:

And we cannot use unless with would to talk about unreal future situations:

  • If he didn't take everything so seriously, he would be much easier to work with.

  • If he weren't so bad-tempered, I would help him to get the work done.

We cannot use unless with would have to talk about unreal situations in the past either:

  • If you hadn't driven so recklessly, you wouldn't have had this accident.

  • If you hadn't had that last glass of wine, this would never have happened.

While Education first website shows usage in all conditionals. What is correct then?

Why I cannot find anything about this usage besides that BBC website?


Here's another warning against usage of 'unless' for impossible conditions:


As for Education First vs BBC, the former is Sweden-based (according to Wikipedia). Not sure if the usage of 'unless' differs in AE though.

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