I'm doing some test online (on Upwork) and this is one question:

Complete the following sentence:

The herd of gazelles successfully __________ the wild cheetahs.

  1. alluded

  2. eluded

  3. illuded

So, I think the first and the second couldn't be right for this sentence, so remains the third, but I don't know is there some mistake with this, can't find translate. What that means? Should some similar word be written instead of that?

  • "allude" means to suggest or imply.
  • "elude" means to escape from, or avoid.
  • "illude" means to trick or delude [rare]

All your options are just the past tense of these.

So you have your meaning of "illuded", and I would say the correct answer is:

The herd of gazelles successfully eluded the wild cheetahs.

Because gazelles would normally outrun or avoid predators to escape from them. I suppose it could be argued that on occasions an animal could trick a predator, but the word illude is cited by dictionaries as rare, and could possibly even be considered archaic. I am certain that the word you are looking for is eluded.

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    My paper dictionary (SOED) says that 'illude' is 'now rare' (now being about 60 years ago) and cites a use of the word in 1420. Take my advice: just don't use that word if you wish to communicate with anyone. – JeremyC Oct 3 '18 at 21:35
  • @JeremyC Good point, I have added reference to this. – Astralbee Oct 4 '18 at 7:38

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