I often use "I write code on my computer." is it correct?


The question is

"I do my report on/in Word.", "I do xxx on/in Excel."

How to use the preposition with the software/applications?

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  • "I do my report on Word" means: I write a report, and the subject of the report is Word. – GEdgar Sep 22 '18 at 12:56

Though it’s not a preposition, I usually use “using,” e.g., “I’m writing my code for the assignment using Python3.”


This is a good question, since it raises the issue of how we describe our interactions with computers and computer programs.

At the moment, and to answer your question directly, in Word and in Excel would be the conventional forms.

However, one can also imagine dictating a report to a digital assistant such as Siri or Alexa, which frequently have female names, and which some people think of as intelligent entities in their own right.

Writing in Alexa or on Alexa does not sound quite appropriate. On the other hand, writing with Alexa suggests a kind of creative partnership, which also doesn’t sound right, although I suspect that over time it might.

This to say that although the question of in or on is on the surface grammatical, it can actually tell us more.

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